Technology, research, expertise and innovation are at the core of our work.

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We follow the customer throughout the customized product development process, creating the perfect synchronicity between our laboratories know-how and customer requests.

Our business offers specific solutions in cosmetics/ aesthetic branches , being based on the latest cosme- tology and cosmeceutical researches.
Thanks to the ten-year experience gained in cosme- tic field, Vida’s leaders have felt the need to start with the laboratory activity within their own structure. Their will has been realized in 2017 with the creation of the laboratories in order to be able to internally produce some branded products as well as to receive and meet the requests for projects on behalf of third parties.

Our strength

Thanks to the internalization of various de- partments such as R & D, marketing, graphi- cs and logistics, Vida offers its customer a complete service package that will allow him to realize his idea from A to Z.

The company’s internal set-up guarantees resources optimization, allowing us to be competitive, effective and efficient for each customer.

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Our certifications

Our production processes comply with the GMP guidelines and the quality management system is certified according to standards UNI EN ISO 22716: 2007  and UNI EN ISO 13485: 2016


Finally, we highlight the importance of logistics department,which manages the packaging, storage and handling of inbound and outbound products.

Thanks to the automated and centralized system we are able to guarantee:
– Constant monitoring of raw materials in stock;
– Scheduled production planning according to customer requests;
– A safe and fast order preparation, shipping/ delivery system.


All raw materials, which are used for production, are carefully se- lected and carefully checked be- fore use.

All production is done in the white rooms of our laboratories to avoid any possibility of conta- mination.


All production steps comply with international standards (GMP) and the standards required by ISO 9001.
Bulk preparation and bottle filling are processes that take place in white rooms, that are controlled temperature environments, where the access is exclusively reserved for resposibles, thanks to a controlled input / output system done to avoid the contamination and to ensure the high quality of the product .


The chemical department is constantly working to find the latest innovations in the field of active ingredients of the latest generation to always guarantee excellent, safe and innovative quality products. The main activities of the research and development department are therefore the customization of formulations already present in our archive and the creation of new formulas that most suit the customer’s requirements. The stability of all formulas is guaranteed by our laboratories and by the various tests to which the products are subjected.


The packaging has to be appealing to the targeted costumer, allowing the product to stand out from competitors of the same product category. For this reason, in our company, the marketing and graphic departments work in synergy to guarantee to the customer a product that is always in line with emerging trends and with the evolution of consumer habits.